Welcome to the website of the family Pierens-Raeman

Through this site we offere you links so you can navigate easily to the different parts.

Family tree


The complete family tree of the family Pierens-Raeman.
This includes different parts of the family Raeman / Raman, but also the family Braet and "de levensboom van de familie Van de S(Z)ande uit Zerkegem".

Prayer cards / Mourning letters / Obituaries


Gudruns collection of Prayer cards, Mourning letters and Obituaries.
This information is used to further complete our (and others) family tree.
This collection is never complete, so did you have information , please let us know.
We scan everything and make sure you get everything back.

Our Flea


From now you can also find our jumble sale in our online webshop.
Here are all kinds of articles that are still in good shape , for a small price.

Julies Website

Julies website

Julies krantenartikels die gepubliceerd worden, kan je nu ook op haar website lezen.
Bekijk hier ook haar fotoreportages en andere videoverhalen waaraan ze heeft meegewerkt.
Veel leesplezier.